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Press Release:

Munsys, Inc. Announces the Release of MunsysŪ 10.3

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The Munsys product family is a line of complementary, rapidly deployable spatial applications that provide the data integrity and accessibility necessary to foster an organization’s infrastructure asset management, planning, decision-making, mapping and reporting requirements.

The Munsys product family contains all the technology necessary to administer an asset mapping and management system, capture all spatial data, distribute the data to necessary personnel and integrate the information with other departments for optimum efficiency.

The “off-the-shelf” applications are rich in functionality, OpenGIS compliant and provide the full benefits of a traditional GIS system in an efficient and user-friendly spatial solution that redefines Cost of Ownership.

Expanding upon the proven technologies of AutoCAD and Oracle, the Munsys product family utilizes an innovative approach to address each organization’s integration, customization, system administration, web distribution, asset mapping and management needs.

System Administration

  • Munsys Management Console
  • Munsys Monitor
  • Munsys Archive
  • Munsys Flexmap Builder

Distribute to the Necessary Personnel

  • Munsys Query
  • Munsys Flexmap Presenter

Capture All Spatial Data

  • Cadastral
  • Drainage
  • Electricity
  • Roads
  • Sewer
  • Water
  • Map Books
  • Spatial Data Manager

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